My first GIF, the Chirstchurch priory


This is my first moving GIF drawing. Enjoy watching the birds move as I did when I was standing in front of the priory.

Christchurch Boats


On Wick looking over to Christchurch. With a wash of color for the reflection/shadow.

Christchurch – On Location – Out of sketchbook

The second week of Christchurch drawings. This time white paper (mainly A2) with mainly A4 size image to give breathing space. Enjoying the freedom of limited colour and use of negative space and texture. Some of the favorite locations I’ve found so far.
The top picture was a learning point to think about colours to help draw the eye…and to be careful about what to put in the foreground. It was kind of a…picture is okay but now we know what not to do…

"wick ferry and captains club"

“wick ferry and captains club”

"The market square"

“The market square”

"I love the river walk and flooded boats now dry"

“I love the river walk and flooded boats now dry”

"roaming the streets"

“roaming the streets”

"Christchurch - Where time is pleasant"

“Christchurch – Where time is pleasant”

Christchurch Drawings – On location

Beginning a project of drawing on location in the town I have recently moved to – Christchurch, Dorset, England. It is where two rivers meet and it borders Bournemouth. The pace of life and feel to this town are quite different to Bournemouth. Christchurch also has a long history which I hope to discover more.